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A-Level Integration Cheat Sheet: Essential Results for Your Maths Success

There are two key concepts you need to grasp: standard integrals and generalised integrals.

Standard integrals, also known as elementary integrals, form the backbone of calculus. They encompass well-known integration formulas used to integrate specific functions or types of functions.

Generalised integrals expand our integration toolkit to encompass a broader range of functions. By introducing parameters like a and b, we can adapt standard integration formulas to handle more diverse scenarios. For instance, the formula for

generalises the power rule to include linear functions raised to a power. Generalised integrals empower us to explore families of functions and address more intricate mathematical challenges.

This blog post presents key standard integration results and their generalised counterparts. By understanding both standard and generalised integrals, you'll gain a solid foundation for confidently approaching a wide array of mathematical problems.

Standard Integral Generalised Integral

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