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On this page I’ll be personally recommending tutors I know and trust to provide a first class service.

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Neil Townson - The Cycling Chemist

Neil is an Oxbridge educated Chemistry tutor with over 20 years experience. He has also been a Head of Chemistry, Head of Science, Director of Studies, and Acting Principal. From September 2017 he has been teaching Chemistry at Abbey College Cambridge.

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Valerie Stewart

Val has taught in secondary schools and sixth form colleges - state and private - teaching mostly Biology to GCSE and A level. She has worked for various exam boards for around 20 years, helping tо set and mark GCSE and A level Biology exam papers. She has been a Head of Biology, Head of Science, Director of Studies, Head of Sixth Form, Acting Deputy Head and Assistant Principal.

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STEP / Olympiads & Challenges, Further Maths.
Viktor Glukhov

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, MSc in Mathematics and Physics.

Extensive experience in teaching maths first in Latvia and then in the UK (GCSE and A-level).
Usual rate for online tuition is £60 per hour.

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Medicine Applications / Chemistry / Biology
Dr Pradeepan Mahendrarajah

A qualified doctor currently training to become a GP and a highly experienced tutor. or call 07401389590

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ELAT (Oxford Entrance)
Simon Pearson

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Richard Blaine

University of Cambridge MEng Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering.

Director of iSTEAM which organises workshops for aspiring engineers and scientists.

Usual rate for online tuition is £75 per hour.

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Dr Alla Gostick

Herzen University, MA PhD, Russian and Education

Highly experienced teacher of GCSE and A-level Russian, currently working at MPW London

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History, English, RS & Politics (A-level).
French & Law (GCSE), IELTS
George Callaghan

Oxford University, BA MA, History. University of London, LLB (Hons). Limerick University, MA Linguistics.

Currently teaching Politics at DLD College London. Usual rate for tuition is £50 per hour.

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Biology & Chemistry (A-level)
Science (GCSE)
IB, BTEC & Access to HE courses
Jabarti Abdi-Wali

BSc Biochemistry from University of Nottingham

MSc Analytical Biosciences from Birkbeck, University of London

Science Lecturer and Laboratory technician.

Usual rate for tuition is £36 - £50 per hour. London based. or call 07468952755

Tutor Recommendations: Text
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