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My Mathematical Background

I have acquired a wide and deep knowledge of Mathematics having studied it to doctorate level at the University of East Anglia. As a researcher I have collaborated with academics to develop and expand the body of mathematical knowledge and also developed a variety of other skills: writing in an academic style for the purpose of publication, giving academic talks, teaching mathematics and statistics in undergraduate seminars (including assessment).

I have done a year’s work in community education, working in a team as a part-time SEN teacher of mathematics. The students comprised several young adults with various learning difficulties. I was teaching GCSE and pre-GCSE material. I found the experience challenging, nevertheless I managed to adapt and gave my best in difficult circumstances.

My experiences in education have made me appreciate the diverse communities in London. I have had considerable experience teaching predominantly Afro-Caribbean pupils in South and North London, Asian pupils in East London, refugees in North London, as well as white working class and middle class pupils in the East End and Surrey respectively. My last post at DLD College London was an international community, with students encompassing the entire global and cultural spectrum.

My first teaching practice was at The Archbishop Michael Ramsey Technology College in Camberwell, where I taught Mathematics at Key Stage 3 and 4. Many of the pupils were highly disaffected and resisted work; it took time to break down the barriers. Against this challenging background I developed and improved my classroom management skills, particularly in ensuring that every pupil was focused. I also spent a lot of time working with pupils outside lessons. In complete contrast, my second school placement was in a Beacon school, Coombe Girls’ School in Surrey. Here I developed my teaching style, recognising and using connections across the subject, using skilful questioning in class discussions to elicit pupils’ understanding and further their learning. Through my tutor group I experienced hosting circle time and delivering PSHE.

I have worked as a full time teacher at The Royal Docks Community School, a challenging school in East London. I taught KS3 and KS4 mathematics, making extensive use of interactive whiteboard technology as well as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I also designed exams, taught Foundation GCSE and assessed coursework. I have had experience of writing reports (e.g. assessing pupil progress in academic achievement, behaviour and attendance). I was also a co-tutor offering pastoral and academic guidance to pupils and parents. I have also completed short-term placements at Beal High School in Ilford and The Greig City Academy in Hornsey, teaching GCSE students and younger, establishing a rapport quickly.

More recently I have acquired considerable experience at A-level, teaching pure maths, statistics and mechanics at Crossways Academy and DLD College London. Many of my students have achieved excellent results, fulfilling their university aspirations (including Oxbridge) and the performance of the weaker ones has been very satisfying. I encouraged and cajoled able students from all year groups to attend the Maths Club in order to stretch their thinking and prepare for various UKMT competitions. At DLD I had the privilege of working with an extremely talented maths faculty whose results were consistently outstanding. During the Covid lockdown I continued to deliver live lessons using the Canvas platform and developed my online teaching skills no end.

As a Year 13 Personal Tutor, I have honed my skills in writing first-rate UCAS references which are very informative, detailing the background of my tutees and showing them in the best possible light no matter what their circumstance. I have also worked as an examiner for Key Stage 3 SATS and currently at O-level / A-level for Cambridge International Examination board. More recently, I have become an A-level examiner for Pearson Edexcel and now work as an online private tutor of maths.

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